Archy – Libra

Archy - Libra
Reference SE006Release 2023-10-01

“Embark on a unique journey with Archy’s latest EP, the talented artist of Greek origin, who will immerse you in the deep rhythms of downtempo and organic house. This new release is a musical experience that will lead you to discover uncharted sonic landscapes and ever-evolving emotions. The first track, “The Lion King,” is a masterpiece by Archy that pays homage to the majesty of nature. With organic rhythms and tribal elements, this song will transport you to the vast African plains, where music becomes an anthem to life and vitality. To continue this incredible musical journey, we have the exciting remix of “The Lion King” by the talented Spanish artist, The Liquid Mirror. This remix adds an Afrohouse vision with melodic touches to the original song, infusing even more energy, impact, and rhythm into this musical experience, perfect for clubs and major festivals. Our third track, “Libra,” is the one that gives its name to this EP release. It will envelop you in an ethereal atmosphere of enveloping sounds and hypnotic melodies. With each melody, you will feel how balance and harmony intertwine in a sonic dance that will lead you to a state of serenity and reflection. “Saga” takes us to the end of this epic journey with dynamic sounds and captivating rhythms. It’s a musical story that unfolds before you, weaving sonic narratives that will keep you immersed in a world of mystery and adventure. This new Archy album is a celebration of the diversity of sounds and emotions that music can offer. Each track is a story in itself, and together they form a sonic journey that will take you to uncharted territories of the mind and spirit. Prepare your senses to immerse yourself in this exciting world of sounds and emotions.”