Balata, Paul Bolter feat Ayah Tlhanyane – Amandla

Reference SE009Release 2023-12-16

“Sacred Earth Records is proud to present its latest release: the electrifying Afro House EP titled ‘Amandla’, born from the collaboration between renowned producers Balata and Paul Bolter, alongside the impressive vocals of African singer Ayah Tlhanyane. This EP, consisting of two songs, is a testament to the evocative power of music. Captivating melodies weave through an unrelenting rhythm, while the haunting vocals take the listener on an unparalleled emotional journey. ‘Amandla’ not only delivers the captivating original track but also includes a fascinating remix by artists Coherence and Matt Cess. This new interpretation injects a decisive and fresh touch, maintaining the original’s unique essence while elevating the auditory experience to an entirely new level. This collaboration of talents promises to be a milestone in the Afro House scene, merging the emotional with the energetic to offer an unforgettable musical experience.”