The Angels (IL) – La Verdolga

Reference SE014Release 2024-04-12

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the musical universe of The Angels?. The internationally acclaimed duo that has captivated audiences around the world with their innovative fusion of Afro House sounds? The Angels are gearing up to release their latest single, “La Verdolga,” a production that promises to take the dance floor experience to new heights. Known for their ability to blend powerful rhythms with deeper and more emotional melodies, The Angels have made their mark on the global music scene, hailed by critics and fans alike. Throughout their career, The Angels have collaborated with some of the world’s most prominent record labels, showcasing their versatility and mastery in music production. From their beginnings in the vibrant electronic music scene in Israel to their meteoric rise to international fame, The Angels have captured the essence of Afro House culture and taken it to new heights with each release. From the deep drums to the hypnotic percussion arrangements, “La Verdolga” is a sensory experience that transports the audience to a state of euphoria and liberation. Get ready to be enchanted by “La Verdolga” and dive into the fascinating world of The Angels!”