Sima Ka Mthembu, Xingo & Malako – Mapula

Reference SE013Release 2024-03-22

Sacred Earth is proud to present its upcoming release: “Mapula”. This captivating piece, a fusion of afrohouse and deep piano chords, promises to transport listeners on a journey of melancholy and reflection. Produced by artists Sima Ka Mthembu and Xingo & Malako, “Mapula” is a sensory experience that weaves organic melodies with moving rhythms. This composition captures the depth of human emotions and translates them into a delicate sonic gem. “Mapula” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of exquisitely intertwined sounds. From vibrant rhythms to melodic chords that whisper stories of hope and loss, this song promises to touch the hearts and minds of those who dare to listen.