Coherence, Ayoze Erbanni – Shangrila

Reference SE008Release 2023-11-12

“Dive into the magical world of ‘Shangrilá,’ an EP with two exciting tracks that will take you on a unique sonic journey. The original track, created by Coherence in collaboration with Ayoze Erbanni, envelops you in a sentimental and profound experience. This production is the result of meticulous experimentation and recording, incorporating real organic sounds such as congas, timbales, drums, and other instruments, along with unusual elements like the rustling of paper or the whisper of the sea breeze. The EP comes to life with the remix by Balata, a talented artist based in France. His reinterpretation of ‘Shangrilá’ maintains the emotional essence of the original track but elevates it to a new level with a resounding perspective that leans closer to the afrohouse genre. This EP is infused with inspiration from a magical place on the coast between Murcia and Alicante. A hidden refuge deep in a pine forest, this space has been meticulously designed to engage all five senses and has become a national reference in the world of afrohouse. ‘Shangrilá’ will immerse you in the magic of this place and make you groove to the rhythms of organic and afrohouse music.”