Bekando – Show Me the Light

Reference SE015Release 2024-05-03

Sacred Earth Records is proud to announce the upcoming musical release of talented artist Bekando. With a unique style that blends afrohouse rhythms with unparalleled freshness, Bekando presents his latest single titled “Show Me the Light”. “Show Me the Light” is an ode to good vibes and positive energy. With carefree rhythms and a vibrant atmosphere, the song invites the audience to immerse themselves in a sonorous journey full of vitality. Bekando, known for his ability to mix diverse musical elements, once again demonstrates his skill in creating a captivating auditory experience that will leave no one indifferent. The single promises to conquer dance floors around the world with its irresistible combination of infectious beats and enveloping melodies. With “Show Me the Light”, Bekando not only delivers an exceptional musical piece but also conveys a message of positivity and hope that resonates in every beat.