Vinkhel – Colibrí

Reference SE011Release 2024-02-05

Immerse yourself in the exquisite sonic experience of “Colibrí,” the latest release from Sacred Earth. This EP, crafted by the talented artist Vinkhel, features two captivating compositions within the Organic House genre. With a unique blend of romanticism, depth, and sensitivity, these pieces not only offer an auditory journey but also act as a gateway to relaxation, disconnection, and spiritual healing. Vinkhel has meticulously woven melodies that transport listeners to a state of deep calm. Each sound is a whisper to the heart, creating an atmosphere that invites introspection and serenity. With a spiritual focus, “Colibrí” becomes a musical beacon guiding those who listen to an inner space of peace. Prepare to be enveloped by the unique essence of Colibrí as it captivates the depths of your soul.